Y-DNA Results
The Baber Family is divided into two groups that don't likely have a common male ancestor in the last
64800 to 71400 years. 
E-BY5515 all will have a common ancestor within the time of the Baber surname existence.
Group R-M269 may or may not be related to each other within the time of the Baber surname existence.

Y-DNA Test Identifier
Ancestor File
Paternal Ancestor Name
 E-BY5515 Group  All persons in the this list have been Y-DNA tested to be of a common ancestor dated back to the 1400's and earlier.
The E-BY5515 Group has been refined into a new subclade labeled E-BY5515, which includes only this Baber/Beaver family."
 Baber  102485 Ancestor File John Baber - USA  E-BY5515
 Baber  250960 Ancestor File George Baber - USA  E-BY5515
 Baber  98212 Ancestor File Samuel Baber - England  E-BY5515 
 Baber  N49450 Ancestor File Robert Lindsay Baber - USA  E-BY5515
 Baber  N43429 Ancestor File David Baber - England  E-BY5515 
 Baber  306236 Ancestor File Edward Baber - 1686 - USA  E-BY5515
 Beaver  270540 Ancestor File John Baber - England  E-BY5515 
 Baber  360998 Ancestor File William Baber/Elizabeth Cook  E-BY5515
 Baber  403387 Ancestor File James H. Baber/Sarah Powell  E-BY5515
 Baber  486789 Ancestor File Barnabas Arthur Baber/Matilda Martha Baber  E-BY5515
Baber   570252 Ancestor File William Baber & Candace Walden  E-BY5515
Baber  651846 Ancestor File Christopher C. Baber/Babers & Lenora  E-BY5515
Baber 872723 Ancestor File John Walker Baber/Jerusia Ann Tyler  E-BY34331
Baber SI13294 Ancestor File Descendants of Danyell Baber  E-BY5515 
 Not all the above are linked in our files.  The Y-DNA establishes the connection, including the Babers in the Chew Magna Tomb & Sir John Baber.
 From the Y-DNA test results outlined above, we have deduced the Y-DNA of many ancestors, including all 111 markers of:
  • John Baber d. 1527 "Top of the List",
  • Robert Baber 1651-aft. 1718 "The Immigrant."
  • Edward Baber 1531-1578, interred in a tomb in St. Andrew's Church, Chew Magna. (400+ markers.)
 R-M269 Group This is the dominant paternal lineage of Western Europe.  So far only American Baber's that have tested belong to this group.
 Subgroup 1  -  There is no known ancestor for John S. Baber.  He is not related to Subgroup 2 or Subgroup 3.
 Baber  99095 Ancestor File John S. Baber - USA  R-L151
 Baber  99130 Ancestor File John S. Baber - USA  R-L151
 Subgroup 2 
 Baber  98260 Ancestor File James H. Baber - USA   R-M269
 Baber  93607 Ancestor File James H. Baber - USA   R-M269
 Subgroup 3  -  The families in this group most likely share a common ancestor. 
 Baber  174801 Ancestor File Greenberry/William Henry Baber - USA   R-M269
 Baber  248173 Ancestor File William Robert Baber - USA   R-M269
 Baber  106732 Ancestor File James Baber - USA   R-M269
 Baber  284608 Ancestor File Thomas John Baber - USA   R-M269
 Baber Ancestor File Zenus Baber   R-M269
 Baber    462486 Ancestor File Jonathan Lewis Baber   R-M269
 Baber    657166 Ancestor File Fountain John Baber   R-M269
 Subgroup 4 
  Baber Ancestor File Edward Baber & Ann Walker - Will dated 1798   R-M269
R-Z283 Group  Family legend suggests a name change from "Baber".  They are not related to any other Baber group.
 Babers  372353 Ancestor File John Babers, Jr. - USA   R-Z283
 Babers  401991 Ancestor File John Babers, Jr. - USA   R-Z283
 Babers   645741 Ancestor File John Babers, Jr. - USA   R-Z283
J-Y23163 Group This group comes from Eastern Europe.  They are not related to any other Baber group.
Baber Ancestor File Johannes Baber & Anna Maria Lahr J-Y23163

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